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GRP Lighting Pole - Get it for Best Uses If you love walking along the sea beach or a popular marine drive alongside your city, you would be able to see the twinkling lights of the GRP lighting pole blinking at you. Where, in earlier days, there were the chances of the street light poles getting eroded and corroded due to exposure to sunlight and other extreme factors. But now, with the Glass Reinforced Polyester corrosion has now become a distant dream. The street lighting has now become a stylish affair with poles made of these polyester finishes come with a polished finish. Earlier there were only the plain filament wound poles that dotted the parks and beaches, the new ones are non-polluting and they have a longer life. Why should you invest in GRP lighting pole? Since there are newer inventions made just for our convenience, it is recommended that one uses the most of these and seek the maximum benefits out of it. The GRP Lighting pole that is now available in almost all the cities in the world has thin, polyester fibers wound to give more support and yet be very easy for installing. The poles do not need any maintenance and would not even need the excessive grounding or regular painting to be done. As per the clients requirement, these poles are made with as much dimensions for each bulbs or distances at which these poles need to be installed. The GRP lighting pole is made of FRP type, tent rods that are made at very low prices by certain popular companies. This means that the overall cost of transportation and installation of street lights is also quite less. The best aspect is that these poles are seamless and hence quite safe since, the exposed wires at street lights in the past have caused accidents. With Glass reinforced polyester poles, this risk has become minimal. How to get maximum benefits out of GRP lighting pole? The best of all benefits is that unlike aluminum or steel bodied poles, these GRP poles do not cause any risk of accidents. The qualities in which these poles are made are conformed as per the industry standards and can always be custom designed as per the clients requirements. These GRP poles do not need any earthing too unlike the normal metallic street lights that have been around for a long time. These are shock proof and therefore, the best in the modern days. Read more Interesting blogs as below:
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